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Estimate of tuition & fees

Item Cost
Annual tuition for credits @ $304.10/credit $9,123
Required campus fees

Lawrence campus fees are $455.5 per semester. Students taking less than 6 hours pay a pro-rated rate of $75.91 per credit hour.

Room and board $5,800 to 11,200
Books $1,040
For financial aid purposes, other estimated costs are $1,906 for transportation and $1,170 for personal expenses. For cost questions, contact the Registrar at or 785-864-4423.
Full cost table
Audience Annual Tuition Cost per credit Annual campus fee Room and board Books
2015 Freshmen (resident)$9,123$304$911$5,800 to 11,200$1,040
2015 Freshmen (nonresident)$23,774$792$911$5,800 to 11,200$1,040
2015 Freshmen Compact Opt-In (resident)$9,891$330$911$5,800 to 9,500$1,040
2015 Freshmen Compact Opt-In (nonresident)$25,725$858$911$5,800 to 9,500$1,040
2014 first-time freshmen (resident)$9,548$318$911$5,800 to 9,500$1,040
2014 first-time freshmen (nonresident)$24,831$828$911$5,800 to 9,500$1,040
2013 first-time freshmen (resident)$9,225$308$911$5,800 to 9,500$1,040
2013 first-time freshmen (nonresident)$23,991$800$911$5,800 to 9,500$1,040
Transfers & non first-time freshmen (resident)$9,123$304$911$5,800 to 9,500$1,040
Transfers & non first-time freshmen (nonresident)$23,774$792$911$5,800 to 9,500$1,040
2012 first-time freshmen (resident)$8,790$293$911$5,800 to 9,500$1,040
2012 first-time freshmen (nonresident)$22,860$762$911$5,800 to 9,500$1,040
Law students (resident)$10,910$376$911$8,100$1,450
Law students (nonresident)$25,520$880$911$8,100$1,450
Online students (resident)$0$0$911$8,100$500
Online students (nonresident)$0$0$911$8,100$500
Graduate students (resident)$6,772$376$911$8,100$500
Graduate students (nonresident)$15,840$880$911$8,100$500
Edwards Campus undergraduate (resident)$9,123$304$911$5,800 to 9,500$1,040
Edwards Campus undergraduate (nonresident)$23,774$792$911$5,800 to 9,500$1,040
Edwards Campus graduate (resident)$6,772$376$911$8,100$500
Edwards Campus graduate (nonresident)$15,840$880$911$8,100$500
Additional campus fees are charged by location. For full cost information, please see the 2014-15 Comprehensive Fee Schedule as published on the Office of the University Registrar website.
Course fees (per credit hour)
School/areaCost per credit-hourCost per credit-hour (first-years)Credit hours per yearFee per semesterApprox. % in-school credit hours
Architecture 49.45 $80.00 100%
Architecture (MArch) 49.45 100%
Architecture and Design (MA, MUP, Ph.D.) 49.45 100%
Architecture, Design & Planning 49.45 50%
Arts (BA & BGS) 25.20 33%
Arts (BFA) 25.20 55%
Business 126.30 45%
Business (BBA) 126.30 $80.00 100%
Business (Full-Time MBA or MAcc) 230.20 100%
Business (Ph.D.) 126.30 100%
Business (Working Professional MBA) 230.20 $80.00 100%
College Online BGS 359.00 100%
Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) 306.80 100%
Education (BSE) 26.45 60%
Education (BSE) 26.45 $80.00 60%
Education (MA, MSE, EdD, PhD) 26.45 100%
Education (MSE, EdD) 26.45 $80.00 100%
Education/Music/Arts 26.45 $80.00 100%
Edwards Campus 50.55 100%
Engineering 53.10 50%
Engineering 53.10 $80.00 50%
Engineering (Masters) 59.50 $80.00 100%
Journalism 21.40 33%
Journalism 21.40 $80.00 100%
Juris Doctor (J.D.) 306.80 100%
Liberal Arts & Sciences 0.00 $80.00 100%
Master of Laws (LL.M.) 306.80 100%
Master's in Business Adminstration 714.00 100%
Master's in Curriculum and Instruction 535.00 100%
Master's in Educational Administration 555.00 100%
Master's in Special Education 555.00 100%
Music 26.45 100%
Music (BA) 26.45 45%
Music (BFA) 26.45 55%
Music (BM) 26.45 75%
Pharmacy (after pre-pharmacy completed) 173.70 100%
Social Welfare 36.40 100%
Social Welfare 36.40 43%
Social Welfare 36.40 $80.00 100%


First-Time Freshman

Also referred to as a new freshman, this is a student who starts at KU immediately after graduating from high school or has never attended another college or postsecondary institution. Students who graduate from high school in spring and enroll at KU for fall of the same calendar year are first-time freshmen, regardless of the number of college or advanced placement credits earned.

Standard Tuition Rates

These are the per-credit-hour rates that all KU resident and nonresident students will pay. Since standard tuition rates are set annually by the Kansas Board of Regents, future standard tuition rates are unknown.

Compact Tuition Rates

Compact Tuition is available as an option to first-time, degree seeking freshmen (both resident and non-resident). This tuition has the same rate for four years starting freshman year and is designed to provide financial predictability, account for future inflation and increases in tuition. Therefore it is higher at the onset because it is an average of what the university anticipates four years at KU will cost.

Required Campus Fees

These are campus fees, approved by and paid by all students, to support services and programs on campus, such as health, recreation, transportation and student activities.

Course Fees

Course Fees are an additional per-credit-hour charge that varies by school within the university to support academic programs and instruction in that specific school.

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