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KU renewable scholarships

When will I learn of the scholarship I have been offered?
Freshmen and transfer applicants who have met the scholarship-awarding criteria will receive written notification of the scholarship within 7 to 10 days of being admitted to the University of Kansas. If you do not receive written notification within this time frame, please contact Financial Aid & Scholarships at 785-864-4700 or
Will I need to submit an essay or co-curricular summary for scholarship consideration?
No. Essays and co-curricular summaries are not required for KU renewable scholarship consideration. However, individual school and department scholarship procedures may vary; be sure to search departmental scholarships to review the requirements.
Is my weighted or unweighted GPA used?
We will use the overall GPA on a 4.0 scale that most benefits you at the time you apply.
What if my grades or scores improve? Can I get a better scholarship?
Yes. If your overall GPA improves after your seventh semester, or if your ACT/SAT score has improved with either the December ACT or SAT, simply update your application by Feb 1.
What is the last ACT/SAT score used for scholarship re-consideration?
December. To use your December ACT/SAT scores, you must have submitted a complete admission application by the Nov. 1 deadline.
Will KU super score my ACT or SAT scores?
KU does not super score ACT or SAT scores. Admission and scholarship decisions are based on the score you received from the test agency. KU will not mix and match sub-scores to create a new ACT/SAT score.
Does KU use the ACT Plus Writing Test Score for scholarship consideration?
No. KU uses the composite score (English, Math, Reading and Science) when making scholarship decisions.
What SAT sub-scores does KU use when making decisions?
KU uses only the verbal and math sub-scores for admission and scholarship decisions.
What happens to the nonresident scholarship if I receive residency rates or a non-resident tuition waiver?
As with all nonresident scholarships, a change in residency or a change to resident tuition rates may impact your eligibility for this scholarship.
What is the last date to change my major to be considered for the Midwest Student Exchange Program?
May 1st. To be considered for the Midwest Student Exchange Program, a complete admission application must have been submitted by the Nov. 1 deadline. Only students meeting all criteria can receive the Exchange. To change your academic major, please update your major.
What are the renewal criteria for FAS Scholarships?
  • Freshman scholarships will expire after four years of undergraduate study or graduation, whichever occurs first.
  • Transfer scholarships will expire after two years of undergraduate study.
  • Scholarship recipients must successfully complete a minimum of 30 KU hours each academic year (fall, spring, summer) and maintain at least a 3.25 cumulative KU GPA.
  • After spring grades have posted, our office will verify that students have met the renewable criteria. Students are notified of their scholarship status for the upcoming academic year via their registered KU email address.
  • If your scholarship is not renewed after year one because of grades and/or hours, it is possible to earn the scholarship after a future term or academic year.
  • We will monitor your grades and hours, and will notify you if you have achieved the renewal criteria.For scholarship recipients who entered KU as freshmen between Summer/Fall 2009 and Summer/Fall 2011, scholarship review takes place annually.
Is it possible to defer my FAS Scholarship
If you’re an incoming freshman or transfer student who is offered a scholarship for the fall, you can defer your scholarship as long as you do not attend another college, university, or community college during this deferment year. Defer your FAS scholarship.
If you are current FAS scholarship recipient, please email us at to discuss scholarship deferral.

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